Acrylic Paintings

3x4 feet
Accepted in Artfields 2017

Journal Entry #7, 12x12 inches

Journal Entry #8, 12x12 inch

Always Right Now, Artfields 2016

Hamilton Pool Swim, sold, now resides in Austin, TX

New Orleans Gloaming, entered in ArtFields 2014 art exhibition.

Demarcation, Flesh and Bones series, 8x10 inches

Nude on Rouge, Flesh and Bones series, 5x7 inches

Frida, 8x10 inches

Milk and Medicine, 12x14 inches
Two Bottles One Flower, 12x14 inches

Acrylic, impressionism

Augry, 24x26"

Prone, 8x10"

Four and a Half Figs, 10x10"

Flow 4 and 5, 8x8" each

art, painting, acrylics, impressionism

Her work’s complexity does not come from estimating its conceptual meaning but finding connection through the shared human experiences of beauty, truth, and emotion.

Portrait artist, Bob Johnston, said about Neva’s most recent work, “There is a sensitivity to her work that inspires the viewer to participate in the messages of her creations.”